Hosted PBX

This is a great solution for small businesses to enjoy the features and benefits only normally found in an Enterprise Telephony solution without the capital outlay and support costs of owning your hardware. From sole traders to multi location businesses the Vostel Hosted PBX solution will enhance communications in your business.

A change is taking place with the traditional business telephone system, evolving Hosted IP-PBX technology is introducing simplified, flexible, feature rich, lower cost alternatives.

The office PBX on the office wall or in the communications room has started to become redundant, with options to replace the accepted high operating cost from multiple suppliers of purchase, maintenance, telephone line rental and call cost becoming available.

The current model of several suppliers to operate your telephone system is being replaced by a single supplier option, removing the ‘blame game’ scenario of suppliers passing the buck to each other when a problem occurs.

The Hosted IP-PBX is an end-to-end telephone system combining handsets from a range of manufacturers, like Cisco, Yealink,, Fanvil and Polycom, connected to the office data network, removing the need for costly dedicated ISDN voice circuits.

An aging or failing telephone system or moving business premises are reasons to review your current office telephone system. The Hosted IP-PBX telephone system offers many benefits to your business.

The traditional office PBX system is inflexible to your changing business needs and often proves costly to add new features or services, eg. call recording.

The Hosted IP-PBX is feature rich and flexible as your business evolves, all accessible from your on-line portal, simplifying the system management and reducing the running costs.

The main benefits of the HOSTED IP-PBX are listed below:

  • Reduced monthly system operating cost
  • Removes need for costly dedicated ISDN voice circuits
  • One platform for office and mobile lines, improving internal communications and reducing costs
  • More resilient disaster recovery model
  • Lower cost to moving business premises, retaining telephone numbers even out of your local area
  • On-line portal access, simplifying system management, improving productivity, reducing maintenance costs
  • Single supplier system, not multiple suppliers
  • Minimal capital outlay
  • Suitable for any size business
  • Improve productivity and image
  • Extend office system features to remote / home workers
  • Lower domestic and international call costs