DID Numbers

DKM Telecom provides a comprehensive spectrum of virtual numbers (DID) for businesses looking to expand their reach. We are a widely trusted call forwarding service provider, allows the subscribers to forward their calls to any carrier in the world. Trusted by thousands of users from 60+ countries including Canada, the UK and the USA, we offer reliable service without burning a hole in your pocket.

At DKM Telecom, we believe that getting a virtual phone number should be affordable, quick and easy. That’s why our standard numbers are instantly activated and start from as low as € 5.00 per month. Plus, various significant features such as call recording, music on hold, free inbound calls etc. are already included in all service packages.
However, you can add additional features as per your requirements.

In today’s economy, your global business needs a local presence in almost every country across the globe for more business transactions and revenue. This seems to be a mission impossible due to its high cost and expensive trunking services; however our DID number service will help you do just that.

At DKM Telecom, we own a long list of DID numbers originating from 60 countries and thousands of cities around the world, each with their strong capability of call forwarding to VoIP, standard landlines, and PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) phones which allows you to establish local presence in any location.